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Are you able to generate
the best productivity
from your Production Floor?

Optimizing production performance as well as maintaining high level of quality is the key to sustain in a competitive business scenario today. Resources are getting scarce and wages level is rising at a rapid rate. Technology is pushing for another revolution named Industry-4 to tackle such challenges.

Increasing productivity and reducing idle time without compromising the quality is the way with which you can battle the situation. Nidle comes to deliver a unique solution to address this need. Productivity increases by balancing two core elements of the total production hour – 1. Workforce Efficiency 2. Reduce the Idle Time. Nidle stands for No-Idle that address both of these elements with stringent control over quality.

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Key Benefits:

  • Real-time monitoring of production performance.
  • Line balancing becomes easier and enables continuous improvement in the production performance.
  • Target versus actual performance is visible to both the workers and managers.
  • For new orders SMV estimation can be easily made from the stored data.
  • Real-time tracking of quality, rejection and re-works help improving quality performance and wastage control.
  • Facilitate performance based remuneration and thus boosts workers motivation.
  • Help reducing 7 core wastage of the production system.

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Intellier is a sister concern of a renowned and one of the largest business conglomerate of Bangladesh . It was founded in 2018 with a commitment and vision to deliver world class IT solutions for the domestic and international market.

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